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There are not many 'one stop shop' companies that can say they do a great job of every area within their scope.   Core Innovations Group was born in a time when you had to be able to say yes to anything, and has since put an incredibly dilligent crew together to ensure results are consistent and above expectations.  As you can see, we operate as a single team, but can demonstrate our expertise across the board.   Even our contractors are long termers, preferring to work for us wherever possible.



CoreAV has spent years curating a blistering list of the best names in the business.  We test everything with everything else, and you can rest assured our packages WILL work as designed. 

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    Project Management

    Detail is one thing, but finding the right answers can only be acheived by asking the right questions.  Get this right and everything else is far easier.  We can also provide a design service up to tender spec standards if you wish to get other quotes

    Our Team

    We're a small company, with a core group of dedicated professionals looking after a growing team of exceptional contractors, allowing us to ebb and flow with the work, minimising periods of overload, and allowing more projects to be completed on time without compromise.  Starting with our Senior Techs, the support comes from management and admin, rather than the other way around.


    Design, Project Management, Handover, Training.  How many small companies can show you detailed drawings right from the get go?  We have worked for years on creating templates that allow for a cost effective way to create and maintain quality documents.  The proof is in the pudding, ask for examples


    There's a reason we hold a better than 90% client retention rate, most for many years!  Open communication, a core admin team always at the ready, consistent results, and an open ear to go along with real AV knowledge creates a benchmark many others find difficult to match 

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    Where do we work?

    CoreAV cover metro and regional VIC,  plus we travel anywhere for projects as required.  Ask for Info..

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