Great solutions

require proper design


Whether you're looking at a new project or updating your current home, we have solutions that will cover every situation.  Start with a single room and upgrade as you go or get it all done at once.  We can also look after lighting design and supply of the latest LED fixtures for every application.





With everything you use these days being connected to the internet and wanting to communicate with other devices in your home, trusting this connection to a single black box with a few aerials sticking out of it at the front of your home just doesn't cut it anymore. 






Home Theatres, Multizone Audio, Smart TVs everywhere.. All these devices require control, and do come with at least one remote... each!  These days, creating a control overlay has never been easier, so let us show you that it doesn't have to be complicated or scary..






It's true you can walk into any electronics store and buy an 'all in one' solution that promises the world.  This sets an unrealistic expectation of value, which can only be sorted by seeing how bad these systems really are... please go and buy one, then come to see us for a real solution that works.?






You can now walk into a retail store, and buy 'smart lights' that will work with your phone.  They do work, mostly, but set up can be anything from plug n play to needing a degree in engineering, plus the ability to translate very badly written instructions.   Choice of fittings is also very limiting, and lets use the term 'light output' with a grain of salt. 

We supply robust, commercial quality solutions, designed to work ALL the time, as expected, and with a vast range of options when it comes to fittings, output, and control.



If you have higher expectations than simply walking between rooms flicking switches on and off, you should consider a full package of integrated smart lighting.  Packages differ between project types, so we definitely need to talk before setting expectations.   Being that nearly every device you install will be able to 'talk' to a control system, it's best to consider how much integration and automation is relevant for your lifestyle, which could be anything from a neat home theatre retreat, to a home that does everything for you; reads conditions, variables, even positions, and acts accordingly.


    - The Backbone of a Modern Home -

When you jump in your car and hit the highway, how much time do you spend thinking about the road itself.  Ever noticed how much nicer a trip went because the trail was smooth, wide, and well defined?  Now think of your home network the same way.   

We expect all our devices to connect, stream, distribute, listen, talk, and control, but quite often trust all this to a little plastic box with some aerials sticking out of it, in the front room of the house! 


Getting it right doesn't cost a fortune, but spending hard earned on anything else without considering your network first, is a recipe for system failures and frustrations forever more.  And it will only get worse. 


After we know your hopes/dreams/aspirations for your smart home, the design process begins here, with the network.  Get this right, and everything else always runs a whole lot smoother.   It's not as simple as buying more access points, those horrid extenders, or the biggest, baddest looking box you can find at the local retailer.  Having said that, our solutions are easy to deploy, look great (or can be nearly invisible), and will provide whole house coverage for everyone, and everything. 


We can even get reporting from our system so we know when something has stopped working, and have it rectified in most cases before you knew it had stopped!



    Yep, this is one of ours.  The best bit?  It doesn't need to cost a fortune.  We have created turnkey packages at different price points, to ensure you get the result you're after, at a value you're comfortable with.  Great quality does come at a cost, but its a fraction of what it used to be.  If you're tired of mediocre, click above and see a few of our installs for yourself.




    It's one thing to have access to endless content on our phones, but we can now have a unified system that allows easy distribution out to high quality speakers, wherever you wish to put them, with control over what goes where, and how loud it is, at any given time.   Depending on the variables, we will select one of a few different ecosystems out there, that have proven themselves to properly create a true user experience.



    There are two systems we use in a residential environment - Crestron, and URC.  These brands give us the flexibility to cost effectively create everything from a single room of control, to a luxury homes worth of full automation.  Every system design has individual considerations, so please get in touch and we'll talk through what this might mean for you and your family.



    Security, CCTV, Access


    Yet another area that has been pillaged by cheap n cheerful 'solutions' that promise the world and you don't know they didn't work until they didn't, and you lost everything.  If you want real security, as in, peace of mind, then you cannot compromise here.  We recommend a fully monitored system, using a wireless dialler, to ensure someone is always looking out for you and yours.


    CCTV has evolved so far, even in the last couple of years, and once again, most people think you can wander into an electronics store and come home with something awesome.. Just dive a little deeper and look at the comparison images we're showing,  that should be enough without considering the longevity and robustness of these wannabe's. 



    From a simple intercom and entry keypad, to biometrics and scanning technologies that will allow certain people in but only at certain times, we can set you up with a system that will cover everything you need.  Depending on complexity these systems can cost a lot, but once again, how much compromise can you cope with when it comes to keeping your loved ones safe?

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