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 Technology in the classroom does not replace a great teacher.  We provide a tool that, used properly, will result in better student engagement, easier lesson creation/ management, and the ability to incorporate modern skillsets for tomorrows adults



Properly designed and implemented systems that make your life easier.  We know what works, and understand the complexities of multipurpose spaces better than anyone.  Sound, Vision, Acoustics, and now Lighting as well.  We can install a package that will cover all your requirements with style


From multipurpose gyms to dedicated theatres and outdoor spaces, we know what is going to work, what works together, and how to train you and the students how it all works!   Coverage, Quality, Ease of Use, and Post Install Technical Support.  We know what we're doing, and can show you as well


Communication is king, and display is essential in our digital world.  We can use existing network infrastructure to create a school wide (even multi campus) solution that is ridiculously easy to set up, maintain, and operate.  Bell Systems include full compliance with safety protocols

NEWSFLASH - Circadian Lighting for education is here!

Classroom Technologies


Usually partnered with a low gloss whiteboard for maintaining traditional teaching methods, projectors have come a long way in the last couple of years.  Now with laser light sources creating far more brightness and higher contrast, you also have the option of fully interactive models, with a feature set that allows device free use or wireless casting.


4k Panels

With the cost of larger screens coming down exponentially in recent times, a premium solution is now not much more than the equivalent projector package once accessories and installation are considered.   The advantages of panels though are many.  Far better touch response, incorporated apps and browsers, less overall wall space taken over, and the ability to go completely portable.  

interactive - display only - network connected - wireless casting

The choice is yours


Bright, clear, robust, and easy to use.  Plug in any HDMI device

If you don't need anything more than an efficient way to make images bigger for the kids, then this pack is a great, cost effective solution for your classrooms


- EPSON 700u Laser Ultrashort

- WhiteBoards R Us slimline HD board

- Redback 50watt speakers

- Wall plate for connections

- Power and Data if required

- All cables to complete system



Add interactive functionality and truly engage your students

Do all your teaching from one place.  Control your device from the whiteboard, create lessons on the fly and save them for use another day



WhiteBoards R Us slimline HD board

Redback 50 watt speakers

Wall plate for connections

Power & Data if required

All cables to complete system



Laser, Ultrabright, Endless whiteboard, Wireless Casting

Our Flagship, and by far the most popular choice.  Use your fingers or supplied pens, experience true networked, device free operation, or connect yours wirelessly and still control from the board


EPSON 1485fi

WhiteBoards R Us slimline HD board

Redback 50 watt speakers

Wall controller - no remote required

Power & Data if required

All cables to complete system

functionality - portability - feature sets - choice


Promethean have a long history building technology specifically for education, and their latest offerings are no different.  Built in access to their free app store (over 2,000 fully curated apps with no ads or purchasing),  a native whiteboard app that will blow your mind, timers, templates, spinners, you name it, its already there.   Even the basic models have full wireless casting for up to 39 devices (a whole class and then some!) that is built and maintained by Promethean, not a third party.  Go up the range and you'll find the latest processors and heaps of onboard storage, ability to load and store multiple profiles so you can customise your workflow, and add on devices that make the teaching experience whatever you choose it to be.  Every panel also comes with a professional ActivInspire license - a formiddable lesson building software used globally by many thousands of educators at all levels.  Get access to their resources for free, build your own, its totally up to you.  Just know that Promethean (and us) have your back every step of the way, and the help doesn't stop once the install is done.

Try before you buy

onsite or online demonstrations


Promethean Nickel 65" with height adjustable mount

This package has real punch.  Ideal in primary schools or smaller spaces, these panels come with everything you need, in the box, nothing else required.  Get a demonstration organised so you can see for yourself, and let the teachers decide.


Promethean Titanium 75" with xero gravity wall mount or trolley

This is the sweet spot.  Great value, amazing feature set, and you know you're going to be able to use it for years to come, with Promethean's mantra to provide updates and upgrades over the air for free, for the life of the product.

GIGANTOR - When only the best will do

Promethean Titanium 86" with motorised or fixed wall mount

These monsters are big.  You can easily have two students working side by side on one.  Great for larger classes and those that require lots of data to be shown at once.  With a feature set second to none, there is no compromise

Large Scale Presentation Systems


Great sound does not come from just adding more speakers wherever theres a gap on the wall, nor does easy operation translate to spending less on the system!  Our packages are well proven and installed in many centres around the state, creating a stress free use environment (true plug n play), clear concise sound, and the ability to easily add components as needed to augment for larger performances.  Don't be fooled by cheaper cherries, ask us why...








The only thing we couldn't compete with was light output from the sun, at least, not until LED became a reality.   We still offer and install projector and screen packages, and they're awesome in spaces with controlled light, but these days, with every building consisting mainly of large panes of glass in every direction, and large outdoor meeting spaces becoming more common, we needed a better solution.  Granted, these things are still not cheap, but they're a lot better than they were, and you can use them 24/7.  We can show you real life examples in real schools, with use case documentation ensuring your stakeholders understand the longer term benefits of investing in this technology.




Our owner grew up in the theatre, and quickly turned to the tech side of things from the age of 8!  Being around through the formative years, seeing the introduction of radio mics, projection backdrops, and LED lighting, has put us in a great position to be able to advise on best practice for the education theatre environment.  We still have an event hire arm as well, actively renting gear and experienced technicians in to augment in-house systems, and helping train the next generation of operators in the ways of the arts.




Multi Purpose Spaces

We still come across many of these buildings that have been designed with no real thought as to how technology is going to be integrated, when things like balls, kids, noise, and cavernous space all play a part.

We have solutions, and we can cover you for any desired outcome, so send us a list of your required functionality and use case scenarios. 

Our guys love this stuff, and will ensure you end up with an easy to use, flexible solution that will still be there, and still be great, in many years time.  




Digital  Messaging / Bell Systems

Signage & Communication

Used correctly, you can create a real vibe around the school, showing students work, maybe run a live 'TV' channel before school every morning, and have a rolling schedule showing special events coming up.  We offer a few selected solutions that have been tried and tested, and can show real life examples of.  Its all about support and access to easy to deploy software, and these days, can mostly be integrated into the display panels without needing a separate box or cables.  Want to know more? book a call with one of our experienced techs..








Zones, Compliance, Safety & Clarity 

Nowadays, being able to show compliance and dilligence around student safety and wellbeing is just as important as making sure they all know when to get to class!  Our systems are commercial quality, with redundancy, low voltage operation, and as many bells and whistles (sorry) as you could possibly imagine.

Full 'current state' reporting, fault recognition and mitigation, multizone and multi feed (don't want bells in one building during exams? click the preset, done), and don't forget the speakers.  We can provide a coverage plan that will minimise noise polution into the neighboring properties, and in doing so, give a far higher quality result than you have come to know and cringe at every day.


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