Our service starts with basic flow diagrams and goes as far as full design and tender spec documentation.  see some examples below and book in a call to see how we can help you


Background - foreground -  performance - multizone sound, digital signage, big screens, control.. you name it, we supply and install it.  High quality,  and focussed on great value results


There is nothing worse than your Audio Visual gear not working when you most need it. Our turnkey solutions provide solid, easy to use performance in tough office environments


It has never been easier or more relevant to take stock of the current lighting your staff are subjected to every day.  Mental health and productivity are linked to this, and its easy to fix



Expect a lot of questions, as we hone in on what is actually needed, how we can best futureproof the design for expansions and upgrades, and how we're going to achieve a result within the budget.  This is the chance to get it right, and you do NOT want to short cut here.  AV Integration is now the backbone of industry, and downtime your worst enemy. 

Get it right and you can expect higher productivity, increased efficiency, and better results all round. 


The beauty of today's technology is just how much of it is network connected, and requires only this connection to totally transform your space! 

Video Conferencing, Smart Lighting,  Motorised Drapes, Integrated Control, you name it, we can replace whatever you're using now and bring your office into the 21st century, without the growing pains, needless frustrations and interruptions you've been dealing with every day until now.  Book a Call...



Expectations are higher than ever before, but luckily, there are some amazing products out there that not only sound awesome, they also look the part, and making it all go is childs play


Digital signage for menus and promos, Live TV for UHD sports feeds, Massive indoor and outdoor screens, and one touch control over everything.  Simple



Its not all about live performance.   Your ambient and service lighting deserves the same treatment, and the difference it can make is nothing short of spectacular


So many people are scared of this, but if its done right, its just an overlay that makes everyones life easier, and the venue's atmosphere more consistent and easy to replicate



Seamless, Wireless, Simple.. Why over complicate things?  The world is busy enough without introducing hard to use technology.  Our turnkey packages are designed for different levels of expectation, find what works for you...



Get your message across to clients in the first instance, as they walk in to your premises, or even before!  It's like having the best on-hold message ever, times 10.  Visual just works.  So many ways to skin this cat, don't be left behind...


Engagement is King.  getting the message right is the easy part.  How many times have you sat in a room, waiting for the the trainer to work out why there's no picture/sound etc.  Our easy to use packages nip that in the butt right from the start..

Lighting True Colour, True Control

How upgrading your lighting leads to higher productivity and health

Our Favourite lighting fixture manufacturer pioneered this technology before anyone was ready for it, but now that the theories have gained scientific acceptance, and the results are in, they have reinvented the range, and its quite honestly mind blowing.  retrofit your office/venue/school/ even home and the difference you can create for your staff/family/students will see happier people, and more productive hours than ever before.

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